Akiko Toya
Akiko Toya
Rōmaji Toya Akiko
Gender Female
Occupation Housewife
Family Koyo Toya (Husband)
Akira Toya (Son)
Japanese Voice Actor Rei Sakuma

Akiko Touya is Koyo Toya's wife and Akira's mother. She has helped and supported her son and husband for a long time.


Like the rest of her family, she has a sense of style. While her husband tends to wear old fashion kimonos and her son usually wears suits and dress shirts, Akiko is drawn fairly fashionable due to the money that her family was able to use. This does not limit her to only expesive tastes as she also can be seen with the normal 'house wife' look around the Touya Home.


A calm and collected person who doesn't play the game of Go, yet has the ability to understand its meaning.

Being seen usually taking care of her family, she really lovers her husband and son, though tries not to meddle within their affairs. She can, at times, prove that she is not a one dimensional, third rate character, being able to say her opinions.




Kouyou Touya

Akira Touya


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