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Welcome to the Hikaru no Go Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about manga and anime, Hikaru no Go, that anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! We currently have 1,976 edits to 189 articles and 171 images on this wiki. Currently, the wiki is still very small, so help out with sharing Hikago-love!
Be careful: This wiki contains SPOILERS!
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What's new?
  • WAM Score - check Hikago Wiki's WAM score everyday!
  • Entirely new infoboxes! Also, better wiki layout: in progress!
  • Music - almost all anime opening and endings are completed!
  • Volumes - V added! Feel free to write summaries!
  • List of Episodes - Episodes 1-5 added! Feel free to write summaries and manga to anime differences! Also, don't be shy to create much more of them!
  • List of Chapters - volumes 1-23 and Games 1-88 are added. Additionally, Games 1-26's covers and navigation are up. Still missing the summaries.

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