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Character Infobox

{{Character Infobox
|kanji =
|romaji = 
|alias =
|image = Name.png
|double image = {{Switch|option1=Manga|[[File:Name.png|270px]]|option2=Anime|[[File:Name.png|270px]]}}
|gender = 
|birthday = 
|age = 
|blood group = 
|sign =
|occupation =
|affiliation = 
|go level =
|family = 
|rivals = 
|manga = 
|anime = 
|seiyu = {{W|name}}
|image gallery = yes/no }}
'''Name''' (kanji, ''romaji'') is...








<small>{{Scroll box
|content ={{reflist}}}}</small>

Episode Infobox

{{Episode Infobox
|kanji = 
|romaji =
|image = 
|air date = 
|chapter = 
|opening =
|ending =
|prev =
|next =
|image gallery = yes/no }}

'''English title of episode''' (kanji, ''romaji'') is the /no./ episode of ''[[Hikaru no Go]]'' [[anime]].

==Characters in Order of Appearance==
{{Scroll box
|content = }}

==Manga and Anime differences==

Chapter Infobox

{{Chapter Infobox
|kanji = 
|romaji =
|image = 
|episode = 
|volume = 
|prev = 
|next = }}

'''Title of game''' (kanji, ''romaji'') is the /no./ game of ''[[Hikaru no Go]]'' [[manga]].
==Characters in Order of Appearance==
{{Scroll box
|content = }}


Album Infobox

{{Infobox album
|image = 
|artist = 
|released =
|starting episode = 
|ending episode = 
|episode = 
|length = }}

'''Name''' (kanji, ''English Translation'') is /info/.


Volume Infobox

{{Template:Volume Infobox
|kanji = 
|romaji = 
|image = File:
|release date = 
|isbn = 
|cover = 
|prev = [[Volume 3]]
|next = [[Volume 5]]}}

'''Name of the volume''' (kanji, ''romaji'') is the /no./ [[Volumes|volume]] of ''[[Hikaru no Go]]'' [[manga]].




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