Le Ping
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Kanji 楽平
Gender Male
Age 12
Occupation Go Player
Affiliation Chinese Go Assoiciation
Go Level Poor
Family Unnamed Parents
Rivals/Friends Shinichiro Isumi
Yang Hai
Manga Debut Game 132
Anime Debut Episode 67
Japanese Voice Actor Reiko Takagi
English Voice Actor Justine Wong

Le Ping (楽 平, Japanese: Rei Pin, Chinese Hanyu Pinyin: Lè Píng) - A Chinese Go player who faces off against Shinichiro Isumi,


Le Ping bears an uncanny resemblance to Yoshitaka Waya.


Le Ping is childish and doesn't take Go seriously. He's also known for ditching classes.but eventually took go serious after he lost to Isumi Although Yang Hai mention that Le Ping had not Mature at all and one time he tried sneek into Yang Hai Luggage and been discover



Chinese Go Assocition Arc

Hokuto Cup Arc



Shinichirou Isumi

After Le Ping lost to Isumi he became more serious about Go and hung out more with Isumi. He became closer to Isumi when he had a stomachache and Isumi gave him medicine (Tums in some translated versions). Isumi's reason behind this is because it worked when Waya had an exactly same case.

Yang Hai


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