Tengen is the fifth of the seven big titles in Japanese professional Go. The winner's prize is ¥14,000,000 currently. All professional players of the Nihon Ki-in and Kansai Ki-in can participate. Tengen ("origin of heaven") is also a Japanese go term used to designate the central point of the go board.

The Tengen shares most of its structure with the other big titles in Japan - the winner of a preliminary tournament (in this case a single knockout tournament) plays a best of five match against the previous year's title holder. This has been the case since the 6th Tengen in 1980. Prior to that it was a match between the final two players from the knockout tournament, making it much more difficult to be a repeat title holder (as Kato Masao was able to achieve in 1978 and 1979).

Due to the importance of the Tengen as one of the "big seven" titles in Japan, there are several paths of automatic rank advancement through it in the Nihon Ki-in new promotion system. Challenging for the title warrants a promotion to 7-dan, actually winning the title promotes to 8-dan, and finally winning the title twice gives an immediate 9-dan promotion.

In Hikaru no Go

Current Holder

Winners of the Tengen Title

Previous Tengen Holders Include

In Real Life

Current Holder

Winner of the Tengen Title

Previous Tengen Holders Include

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