Volume 11
Hikaru no go vol 11
Kanji 激戦
Rōmaji Gekisen
Release date March 2, 2001
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-873086-8
Cover character(s) Hikaru Shindou
Volume 10 Volume 12

Fierce Battle (激戦, Gekisen) is the eleventh volume of Hikaru no Go manga.


Game 88: "First to Make the Grade"
Game 89: "Together Always"
Game 90: "Become One of Us"
Game 91: "I Resign"
Game 92: "Beat Shindo!"
Game 93: "The Final Match of the Pro Test"
Game 94: "A Fierce Battle"
Game 95: "The Second Player to Pass"
Game 96: "Finally!"


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