Volume 17
Hikaru no go vol 17
Kanji なつかしい笑顔
Rōmaji Natsukashii Egao
Release date June 4, 2002
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-873268-8
Cover character(s) Fujiwara-no-Sai
Volume 16 Volume 18

The Nostalgic Smile (なつかしい笑顔, Natsukashii Egao) is the seventeen volume of Hikaru no Go manga.


Game 140: "Resolution"
Game 141: "First Return Game"
Game 142: "The Sprinting Two"
Game 143: "Go World Rumblings"
Game 144: "Finally This Day"
Game 145: "Hikaru vs. Akira"
Game 146: "Hikaru's Go"
Game 147: "Only I Know"
Game 148: "The Nostalgic Smile"


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