Volume 3
Hikaru no go vol 3
Kanji 前哨戦
Rōmaji Zenshōsen
Release date October 4, 1999
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-872777-6
Cover character(s) Akira Touya
Volume 2 Volume 4

Preliminary Scrimmage (前哨戦, Zenshōsen) is the third volume of Hikaru no Go manga series.


Game 17: "Leave the Go Club!"
Game 18: "If Only You Weren't Here"
Game 19: "¥1,000 a Game"
Game 20: "The Third Member"
Game 21: "A Very Despicable Act"
Game 22: "Honinbou Shuusaku"
Game 23: "Tsutsui's Concern"
Game 24: "Kaio's Third"
Game 25: "Preliminary Scrimmage"



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