Volume 4
Hikaru no go vol 4
Kanji 神の幻影
Rōmaji Kami no Genei
Release date December 2, 1999
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-872800-1
Cover character(s) Kimihiro Tsutsui
Hikaru Shindou
Yuuki Mitani
Volume 3 Volume 5

Divine Illusions (神の幻影, Kami no Genei) is the fourth volume of Hikaru no Go manga series.


Game 26: "You Play Him"
Game 27: "Third Face-off"
Game 28: "Divine Vision"
Game 29: "Zelda"
Game 30: "Sai"
Game 31: "Who is Sai?"
Game 32: "He Is Not Sai"
Game 33: "Akira"
Game 34: "A Memorable Game"



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