Volume 5
Hikaru no go vol 5
Kanji 始動
Rōmaji Shidō
Release date February 2, 2000
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-872826-1
Cover character(s) Tetsuo Kaga
Volume 4 Volume 6

Start (始動, Shidō) is the fifth volume of Hikaru no Go manga series.


Game 35: "Sai vs. Akira"
Game 36: "Sai's True Identity"
Game 37: "Second Semester"
Game 38: "A Thousand Years of Selfishness"
Game 39: "I Want to Know How Strong You Are"
Game 40: "Start"
Game 41: "The Go Club Is Heating Up!"
Game 42: "Resolutions"
Game 43: "Yet Another Step Forward"



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