Volume 8
Hikaru no go vol 8
Kanji プロ試験予選4日目 そして――
Rōmaji Puro Shiken Yosen 4 Nichi Me Soshite――
Release date August 4, 2000
ISBN ISBN 978-4-08-872894-0
Cover character(s) Akira Touya
Volume 7 Volume 9

The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Four... and then... (プロ試験予選4日目 そして――, Puro Shiken Yosen 4 Nichi Me Soshite――) is the eighth volume of Hikaru no Go manga.


Game 61: "Kuwabara Hon'inbo"
Game 62: "A Chance to Play"
Game 63: "Look How Far I've Come"
Game 64: "Pro Test Prelims, Day One: The Man with the Beard"
Game 65: "Aim for Three Wins"
Game 66: "The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Two"
Game 67: "The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Three"
Game 68: "The Pro Test Preliminaries: Day Four... and Then..."
Game 69: "The Team"
Special Bonus: "The Haze Middle School Actors Present the Rehearsal of 'Assassination at Honnoji Temple'"


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